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In an interview with FRANCE 24, former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko (2014-2019) reacted to the US Senate withholding a major package of financial and military aid for Kyiv. Poroshenko warned that the coming days are among “the most important in Ukrainian history” and undoubtedly for the world. He called it “absolutely unacceptable” that Ukraine can be the “hostage” of other issues such as internal politics ahead of next year’s US presidential elections.

This is “not just a package of assistance for Ukraine“, but “an investment in American security”, former Ukrainian president Poroshenko said.

Delaying the vote on the Ukrainian package is “a very dangerous sign”, he added, warning that the lives of Ukrainians fighting for freedom and democracy were at stake.

AnalysisSenate Republicans seek stricter border policy against Ukraine aid support

However, Poroshenko insisted he was “still an optimist”, saying he was counting “on the American people” and “on the European people”. 

An EU summit next week is supposed to decide on some €50 billion in financial aid for Kyiv, as well as the formal opening of EU membership talks. But Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is threatening to block both steps.

Asked if there was a stalemate on the front line in Ukraine, Poroshenko conceded that “we need [more] weapons now to stop Putin”, but insisted Ukraine “can win”.

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